Frequently Asked Questions:


- Where can I buy these jeans?

 Our jeans will launched on a certain day and time, want to know when. Please subscribe to our newsletter.


 - If I want one, how will I choose the fit and the right size?

We offer through our measurement guide, pictures and the fit video’s a great way to show you how the jeans fit like. And what the differences are between the ST and the RT.


- Will there be more than 200 jeans or different fabrics?

 No, we’ve ordered our fabrics from the mill for a certain amount of jeans we can make. We hope to launch more jeans in the future with different fabrics and fits


- Made to order?

We don’t like waste and we don’t like to have to keep a stock. Therefore, our goal is to make exactly what we sold and need. So every order is specially made for you.


- If I order a pair, when will I receive my jeans?

It will take 8-10 weeks before the orders are ready and shipped to your doorsteps.

After the pre-orders are in, we will make our order to the manufacturer and start with the making process. The fabrics are already been made and ready for shipping before the pre-order. For example, all the materials needed for the production of our jeans are already been ordered and ready for shipping.


- Numbered to what order? Or can I pick a number?

We will number the items by the order number that came in. You’ll never know upfront what number you’ll get


- Is the denim fabric sanforized?

Yes! In that way, we guarantee our fits to stay the right fit, without having too much shrinkage after the first wash


- What about shrinkage?

The maximum shrinkage after a wash is 2%, to keep it that way, the fabric is sanforized by Kuroki Japan, prior to the production of the jeans.


- Made in the Netherlands or Made in Portugal?

We are proud to say it’s made in Portugal. Guimarães to be exact. A small maker town with the best facilities for the employees and the environment.

But we developed and designed our jeans in the Netherlands. We also made our prototypes in our workspace. The same one was we repair and alter jeans for Dutch Denim Repair.


- Free hemming service?

Yes of course! We have the opportunity to order all jeans in the same length (35'') and offer a free chainstitch hemming service with your order. So we can hem your jeans to the preferred inseam length with the same thread ;)


- What is raw denim?

We like denim like no other fabric. Raw denim is an unwashed and blank canvas with deep indigo and a rigid feel. It takes time and devotion to break in the fabric. After some wear the fabric will soften up and evolves in the way you live your life. We call this creases or fades

The jeans will only get better with time and age.


- Is it possible to order a pair without the leather patch and washers?

Yes, because we do the finishing and quality control ourselves. Like adding the patch, labels, rivets and buttons. We can make a pair ‘vegan’ if you’d like.


- What size or fit to pick?

We try our best to be so informative as we can to select the right fit and length.

 If you don’t know what size to get, shoot us a message and we’ll make sure to help you. Also for the right length. It’s also possible to do this after the jeans came in, or doing this after a later stage. Of course, we house all the original production yarns.


    - Case if I missed out? Is it optional to be put on a reserve list?

      Yes! We keep we reserve list if someone doesn’t like the fit or want to return for a different size. We will message you if a size comes available again. Therefore we guarantee every pair gets a home


      - Do you accept any types of payments?

      We do accept all major payment options, but we do not accept payments with PayPal.


        - Ok, the time is there. I’m on the website but the item is not there...

          Pro tip: refresh the website to see the items 👊


          If you still have a question that's not here, please feel free to contact us