The world is changing- and with it, the denim community. We have more options when it comes to things as recycled fabrics, organic cotton, biodegradable garments, and a whole plethora of sustainable options. Personally, we support new and more sustainable options in the production of fabrics and garments towards a sustainable future. Also using less water, less chemicals, and less pollution.
With Dutch Denim Project, we tend to do something differently. The sustainable option is not the common way in the current denim market. There are brands that make raw denim with components of recycled denim, organic cotton or jeans with Tencel, hemp and other sustainable options. However, this is not as green as it could be. And, for the sake of the real RAW denim purist, not 100% cotton in some cases.
Unlike these options, we all (still) lean towards 100% cotton fabrics. And we certainly do not want to be related to stretch denim. With Dutch Denim Project, we want the best fabrics made from 100% cotton and fabrics that stand the test of time in quality and durability. And of course: that the fabric will age nicely with wear.
But there is a bigger problem: quantity.
Jeans and other garments are still being made in large volumes. Even the 'sustainable' pairs. Chances are great some of these beautiful products end up being waste because the new collection is coming up.
With Dutch Denim Project, we strive to make a very great piece of denim and devote ourselves to get the best of it. We achieve this by making these jeans all made to order. No shelves with piles of produced denim. And we also try our best to search an owner for every pair through our wait list, if a pair gets returned.
We do not compromise on the things we don't want to, such as fabric and hardware. Through sourcing, we aimed for the best. We also kept the environmental impact in our minds in the production of the garments. For instance, using recycled copper rivets and buttons or even BCI made selvedge denim.
Raw denim, wearing unwashed and untreated jeans, is sustainable way on its own. By wearing a pair for a longer period, these jeans will age beautiful and become a part of your life in that sense. We value this process, and we want to share our story by showing you more about the jeans and the process of creating and producing them.
Besides the made to order process, we also provide a lifetime service for these jeans. We can offer this service through Dutch Denim Repair.

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