Back in 2018, I've started offering a quality denim repairservice through Dutch Denim Repair. This started out as an hobby, but grew naturally besides my full-time work as specialized cardiac care nurse. Besides darning repairs on a vintage Singer 47W70, I invested in various machines to offer more serviecs, such as chainstitch hemming service and alteration service. 


Working with different brands, gave me an unique insight in various designs, fits, fabric and construction. I took them apart, build them up again and thought, maybe I can make a pair of jeans for myself. Found some fabric, rivets and buttons and started.. To be honest, the first didn't look that bad. Made some mistakes, but it brought my ideas to life.. What if I could develop my own design, brand and jeans? 


Over the past two years I've made various samples, worked on perfecting the design, fit and searching the right ingredients for the first batch...


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