Last time we told you our credo is: “Let’s do things differently”, and said we wanted to give you transparency. When it comes to our fabrics, we try our best to make a well-informed choice. We do this by asking more than just a shade-card or sample. We want to know where the cotton came from, and how the fabric is constructed.
It is unfortunate that this info is not easily to obtain or found online. It still feels like it is behind closed doors. But when producers are inquired, they are happy to share all the information you need. After lots of emails and phone calls we felt the best connection with Kuroki Mill in Japan. They test their fabrics thoroughly. We learned about the weight of the fabric, the strength and shrinkage. Even if the fabric is predicted as a fast or slow fader.


When we got all the information, we learned that the Kuroki Mills is only making denim made from BCI-cotton. That caught our attention. So, again, we started digging deeper.
BCI is one of the largest cotton sustainability programs in the world. BCI exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, the environment and secure a sustainable future for cotton production.
We all know that cotton is grown in different parts of the world, and mostly in third world countries. BCI cotton is not only sustainable, but it makes sure the people work in better circumstances and earn a decent living by working for these cotton-farms. In 10 years BCI was responsible for 19% of the global cotton production in 2018.


After learning all this it was not a hard decision to make with whom we would want to collaborate. We got the chance to get the best quality denim as well to support human decency by treating the hard-working people who make this beautiful fabric possible equally. We are proud we can contribute to a more sustainable future this way.

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An Introduction to BCI: Making Cotton More Sustainable from Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) on Vimeo.



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